Residents Charter

At M D Homes we firmly believe, that whether young or old, sound in mind and body, or suffering from a disability, residents have a fundamental right to self-determination and individuality. Equally they have the right to live in a manner which corresponds to what is normal for those who remain in their own homes.

All our residents have the right to :

Lead a full and independant life within the security of a home of their choice.

Retain their personal dignity and be addressed in a manner of their choosing.

Have total access to a full complement of skilled, caring and sensitive staff.

Maintain the practice of their religion and attend appropriate religious services.

Lead a life free from discrimination.

Be consulted about daily living arrangements.

Have a regular review of their individual care needs, at which they have the right to be present and be fully consulted and informed of all alternative options within their care plan. Residents can nominate a friend, nurse or relative to speak for them, if they wish.

Preserve or change their Medical Practitioner and Dentist and to consult with them in private.

Participate in any social or recreational activity available in the home or in the surrounding community.

Recieve visitors at any time and have the opportunity to entertain them in private.

Manage their own financial and personal affairs as far as possible.

Not to be moved without consultation.

Access a formal complaints procedure. This also applies to relatives, whether acting on behalf of the resident or not.

Be placed on the electoral register and be given the opportunity to vote.

Have emergency care as required.

These basic rights should be accorded to all who are in our care. We will strive dilligently to uphold these rights, being limited solely by the legal requirements necessary to protect the individual.