Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Residence

All Homes within the M D Homes umbrella are registered under the Care Quality Commission.

1. Definitions

a. There is no effective difference between those Residents regarded as short-stay and long-stay, and all terms apply equally to both.

b. Attention is drawn to our Homes Aims and Objectives and the Policies and Procedures currently in force. A copy of which is permanently kept in Reception.

2. Fees

a. Those Residents funded by Social Services and Primary Care Trusts are covered by a separate contract regarding fees and termination of residency.

b. The fees payable are those currently in force and you have been advised of the present rate of fees prior to the signing of this Agreement.

c. Fees are payable monthly in advance and you will be invoiced on the 1st day of each calendar month.

d. You are requested to pay these within 14 days and if this is not done you will be charged interest on the outstanding amount from the date the payment was due to the date of actual payment at the rate of 4% above the minimum lending rate of Lloyds TSB PLC for the time being in force.

e. The fees are reviewed annually on the 1st April of every year.

f. Fees include the provision of accommodation, all meals, teas and coffees, light, heat, laundry, nursing care (other than special nursing care).

g. Fees do not include such other services as drugs or medication (which are available to the Resident either privately or under the NHS), special nursing care as recommended by the Resident’s Doctor or the Manager, physiotherapy, chiropody, hairdressing, toiletries, telephone calls, local transport, newspapers and such other requirements as the Resident may reasonably have, all of which will be organised by M D Homes at the cost to the Resident and charged as ‘extras’ on the Invoice immediately following the occasion of the expense.

3. Deposits and Reservation Fees

a. A deposit equivalent to one months fees are payable at the outset and may be utilised at the Management’s discretion in respect of damage, storage fees, unpaid fees or ‘extras’ etc.

b. If a Resident wishes a place/particular room to be reserved for him or her, a non-returnable reservation fee of one week’s fee will be charged. The weekly fee charge will begin from the date agreed.

4. Notice of Termination or Death of Resident

a. 28 days written notice must be given by the Resident or his or her personal representative of the Resident’s intention to terminate this agreement.

b. In the event of the death of the Resident, 14 days fees will be charged after demise.

c. 28 days written notice will be given by M D Homes to the Resident or his or her personal representative save that M D Homes reserves the right to shorten the length of such notice in certain circumstances. Examples of such occasions might include: -

i. Unreasonable or disruptive behaviour causing inconvenience to other Residents.

ii. Failure to pay any invoice or account within the stipulated period.

iii. Circumstances considered being for the overall benefit of the other Residents or Resident concerned.

The above are by way of example only and are not, nor are they intended to be, an exhaustive list.

5. Cash, Valuables, Personal Effects, Furniture etc. of the Resident

a. An Inventory of all the Resident’s cash, valuables, personal effects, furniture, etc., that he or she brings with him or her to M D Homes and as is permitted by these Terms and Conditions, must be made on arrival and signed by the Resident and his or her next of kin or personal representative and on behalf of M D Homes.

b. Any addition to or subtraction from this Inventory must be duly noted thereon at the time of such addition or subtraction and signed by the said parties as above.

c. In the case of cash, valuables and certain valuable personal effects, these must be retained in the Safe in the admin office and an additional register kept of such items. In the event of a withdrawal or a re-deposit by the Resident, a note must be made on each such occasion in such additional register.

d. On termination of this agreement the Resident and/or his or her representative shall sign such an Inventory and/or additional register by way of receipt for the Residents’ belongings.

e. All such items belonging to the Resident shall be at the Resident’s own risk in the event of loss or damage and he or she is advised to effect his or her own Insurance cover in respect thereof as the Insurance cover of M D Homes does not cover such matters.

6. Other Terms and Conditions

a. A letter from the Resident’s Doctor or Hospital Consultant must be provided upon admission.

b. All drugs, medications and treatment creams must be handed to the Manager or Nurse-in-Charge upon admission.

c. No food, drink (alcoholic or otherwise) and drugs can be brought in for Residents without the permission of the Manager or Nurse-in-Charge.

d. Please note that MD Homes does not provide pork or alcohol products in their Homes and all meat served is Halal. However, residents are free to request their relatives or advocates to provide the food or drink of their choice or can request the Manager to purchase these on their behalf and the cook will prepare as per the residents’ needs.

e. Visiting times are kept as flexible as possible. The most convenient times are 2.30 – 5.30 pm. If you or one of your visitors wishes to speak privately to the Manager he/she would be happy to do so subject to prior arrangement or availability at the time.

f. The keys to Residents’ rooms remain the property of M D Homes and must be given up on termination of this agreement.

g. M D Homes reserves the right of entry to the Resident’s room at any reasonable time and every effort will be made to give the Resident adequate notice thereof save in the event of an emergency.

h. M D Homes will always consider certain changes to the Resident’s room if requested. Examples may include bookshelves, cupboards, change of décor, etc. Such changes can only be considered if they are affected at the Resident’s expense.

i. All items of clothing must be clearly and permanently marked with a woven nametape.

j. In the event of the death of a Resident, his or her room will be sealed by the management of M D Homes and the belongings and effects of the deceased Resident held at the Home will only be released to the legal personal representative of the deceased Resident's Estate and upon payment of all outstanding moneys due to the Home. M D Homes does, however, reserve the right to remove the deceased Resident’s belonging and effects, under strict supervision, to a place of suitable storage (in the judgement of the Management) at the risk of the Estate of the deceased Resident. The cost of such removal and storage to be a charge against the deceased Resident’s Estate.

7. It is hereby agreed that nothing herein shall be deemed to have created a Tenancy within the meaning of the Rent Acts.