All of our care is delivered by highly trained members of the team and implemented with a set of robust monitoring and review process which allows us to maintain the highest standards of care. This also ensures that we tailor our services to meet the ever-changing needs and choices of each service user.

Central to our service of care is our care plan document, which allows us to monitor the evolving needs of the individual. We
endeavour to involve both the clients and family in the creation and management of the person-centred care plan

This person-centred approach emphasises respect, dignity and quality of life.

We understand that needs are ever-changing therefore the care plan is reviewed monthly by key personnel to ensure that needs are being consistently met.

Our staff are trained to the highest standard

All our employees undergo a rigorous and comprehensive induction training program which covers statutory, mandatory topics, as well as personal development plans. This allows our members of the team to explore and achieve their own individual aims and objectives.

We continue to invest in our human resources to ensure that everyone in the organisation is appropriately skilled and qualified to do their respective job.

To continuously improve our service, we also undertake regular performance and quality assurance monitoring which measures our services against defined industry benchmarks.

Moving into a care home is a big step, so we know that it is imperative that you or your loved one are placed in the right care environment.

To help decide if MD Homes is right for you, our qualified team will visit each prospective client before admission. We then assess the individual’sneeds against our services to ensure that we will be able to adequately meet the expectations.

We also strongly encourage that you visit our homes so that you are able to decide on the suitability of the home for yourself or your loved one.

We ensure we can meet your needs prior to admission

We Strive to Provide the Highest Quality Care & Service

To help decide if MD Homes is right for you contact us to book an appointment