Mountview is a ten-bed residential recovery unit in Northwood for younger adults suffering from mental health diagnoses.

Established in 2009, Mountview gives the clients the opportunity to look at their own mental health issues and take actions to deal with them so that they can act safely and confidently to return to independent living in the wider community.

It aims to provide a safe, multi-cultural and supportive environment and works in a manner that enhances patient’s self-esteem, independence and confidence.

What our Clients Say

I feel very safe here and I love my room. I love my food as it's very good. I have my medicine regularly that keeps me well and the staff are good to me and I trust them. We have day and night staff so I am secure. I get on well with the other residents. I have started going out with the staff to the shops and they help me buy my toiletries. I do my washing and drying here and the staff help me with my needs.
MF (Resident)

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